Primary Dance

Cscape are passionate about providing high quality and meaningful dance experiences within Primary education.

We believe that dance in school creates a unique opportunity where creative thinking can flourish, where physical play and the freedom to explore and imagine leads the body and mind on a new journey that can help to bring the education experience alive for children in a tangible, exciting and inspirational way!  Our education team are available to work in schools in both long term and short term capacities and for intensive projects.


We will work with teachers to design and deliver workshops that link with topics that are being taught in school, or we can go off curriculum and create an inventive and exploratory session to expand creative thinking and communication skills.  In essence we, are flexible, versatile and committed to creating a bespoke experience to meet the needs of each and every school we visit.  Your children’s education matters to us and we are passionate that our delivery reflects the individual needs and nature of each school and each child.

Alongside workshops, we specialise in creating whole school promenade performances that lead an audience through the school on a journey through classrooms that have been transformed into ice-caves, train carriages, Greek mythological labyrinths and anywhere else the imagination and curriculum will allow!  We will work with visual artists, writer and story-tellers and film makers to give children and teachers an enriching, inventive and unique way to explore learning!

Working With

We also work with Primary schools on large scale, multi-school outdoor projects.  We work with a school group for a series of sessions to create a piece of dance, and then take the school to a stunning outdoor site, such as a National Trust property by the sea, or a mining heritage site, and there they will perform as part of a mass celebration of dance!  An experience that will live with them for the rest of their lives!