Venue: Trebah Gardens



Grab your walking boots as dancing shoes and join us for a maritime feast like no other!
Told through dance, story and installation, this is an odyssey of growing up and leaving home. Of prodigal sons and daughters, tattoo parlours, journeys and mysteries. Leaving home is a story we all relate to: to search out independence, to support ourselves, to be closer to work, family, the sea; to travel in the name of a better life. Through wit, warmth, beauty and dancing, Cornwall’s leading dance company will take us all on a journey in which we’ll recognise a Neptune, a mother, and a child. A delight for all the family!



Venues & Dates

Neptunalia premiered at Trebah Gardens, as part of the Salt 2016 Landscape Dance Festival, delivered by Dance Republic 2.





Choreography: Tom Jackson Greaves

Rob Mennear, 
Nell Martin, 
Katie Lusby
, Jessamin Landamore
, Alistair Goldsmith
, Suzie West

Writer: Anna Maria Murphy
Original Music : Seamas Carey
Assistant Director: Sioda Martin

Creative Producer: Sally Knight
Producer: Sasha Dobrota
Designer: Fiona Chivers
Production Manager: Martin Fenton
Technical Assistant: Nick Humphrey
Commissioned by Dance Republic 2 for SALT 2016

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