Venue: Available for festivals and events

Date: Currently booking for summer season 2019

Cscape Pop-up Dance

Want to give your event or festival a little “je ne sais quoi”?

Give people something to remember with one of our unique pop-up acts, tailor-made walkabout entertainment to surprise and delight!

Mischievous, quirky and kitsch, Cscape will work with you to create a performance that will introduce a humorous and memorable addition to events, festivals or functions.

From the opening of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen Cornwall through to Glastonbury Festival, Cscape delight in creating unique acts that are something unique and fun.

Bathing Belles

A beautifully simple pop up dance act performed by Cscape, suitable for walkabout at festivals or events. Highly entertaining for both family audiences and adults alike, the dancers pop up from behind deckchairs to delight onlookers with 1950’s style choreography, faux synchronised swimming, lots of bubbles and audience interaction. The gathered audience can even take part in a simple choreographed (land based!) synchronized swim!

The Bathing Belles have performed at Port Eliot Festival, Wilderness Festival, Somersault Festival and the Eden Project.

Bathing Belles video

Dancing Flowers

Exquisite, dancing Cornish flowers designed to bring charm and theatre magic to all manner of events, festivals. The Agapanthus, Agave and Camellia, this walkabout act is captivating, entertaining and beautiful and engages all ages.

Originally designed for the Lord Mayor’s Parade in London, the cornish dancing flowers have continued to add joy and delight whoever they pop up!

New for 2019

Birds Night Out
3 exotic dancing birds. Eye-catching, bright and beautiful with the ability to be lit up from inside for after dark performances.


  • “The guests really enjoy the interactive, quirky performance and walk away with something to remember… Cscape are professional yet personal and always create something that works well for each specific event.”

    Polly Dent, Manager at Fifteen Cornwall