Guilty Fingers

This incredibly moving and hard-hitting show presented the work of three of the UK’s finest directors, revealing the public front and the private pain of war as confronted by women all over the globe.

From debutantes to doodlebugs, nylons to knitting and ration books to revenge, Guilty Fingers danced the dance of women at war, reflecting the camaraderie, dedication and vital role women have played in wars past and present. Three specially commissioned works connected one theme: Women at War.


The production included new work by:

Emma Rice, award-winning director of Kneehigh Theatre, in collaboration with writer and poet Anna Maria Murphy;

Fleur Darkin, an exciting and high-profile UK choreographer, and semi-finalist in The Place Prize;

Debbie Fionn-Barr, renowned for her hard-hitting but subtle and intricate work.


  • It’s not too often that one walks away from a performance feeling that it has really made a deep impact in your consciousness, but this was one of those occasions. Cscape is a young company that deserve to go places. If they come your way, go take a look.”

    David Mead, Ballet Dance Magazine

  • “Guilty Fingers is a truly amazing and innovative show. The production values really raised the bar on what dancers can achieve and how set, costume, lighting and film can be woven into a coherent and meaningful piece of dance.”

    Steve Elliott, Community Arts Director Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton