Cast and Creatives


Hansel: Ali Goldsmith
Gretel: Katie Lusby
Mother: Polly Motley
Father: Carl Harrison
Madam Crow: Jessamin Landamore-Coyne
Rambling Roy Musician: Seamas Carey
Captain Winniberg: Bec Applebee
WIMPS: Alice Smith, Imogen Starr, Hannah Warren and Leigh Burrows

Artistic Director: Sally Knight
Devised by: Sally Knight, Lois Taylor, TC Howard and the Dancers
Composer and musician: Seamas Carey
Writer: Callum Mitchell
Designer: Mik Weir
Installation Artist: Christina Romero-Cross
Digital Installation Artist: Hana Backland
Costume: Fiona Chivers
Costume Makers: Tracey Ormston (Assistant Costume Designer),
Alice Shilling (Costume Maker) and Laura Murray (Costume Maker)
Production Manager and Lighting Design: Tim Hardy
Technician: Lucy Gaskell
Production Assistant: Mia Page-Waite
Creative Advisor: TC Howard
Creative Production: Lois Taylor
Produced by: Sally Knight, Christina Romero-Cross and Antony Waller

DR2 – Based in Cornwall, we are a creative venture for people who love dance: watching it, doing it, making it, teaching it and writing about it. We produce, present and programme performances. We lead collaborative dance consortium’s for Cornwall schools and Youth Dance training. The shop window to our activity comes in the form of SALT, our biannual festival of landscape and dance (the next one is in 2018) and by Pinch of Salt our in-between years festival of dance in the landscape which Cscape’s Hansel and Gretel is part of.